FS19 – Loadstar/chevy Coe Lowrider V1

FS19 - Loadstar/chevy Coe Lowrider V1
You may be thinking why is the name loadstar/chevy coe Lowrider reason for this is being the cab is from a loadstar flatbed truck/semi and the pickup bed is from a chevy coe pickup. and made into a lowrider.

•Airbaged suspension (use j or n)
•2 section color select

i would like to say this is a edit by me the original mods are not mine.
loadstar flatbed is by JKAgCo Modding

and chevy coe pickup bed is from expendables moding chevy.

no this is not farm related but gaming is about having fun and we add things like this to have fun or rp ect.
also like to thank josh pearson and shaun dodds for there help with lights ect.
as allways a big thanks to my testers.
NOTE. this is built as a lowrider not to tow or to hold/transport anything in.
and finally credit to me for the edit. NinjaMan Mods/Edits.

Authors: NinjaMan Mods/Edits  
Download FS19 – Loadstar/chevy Coe Lowrider V1 -

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