FS19 – Lodeking Tandem V1.0

FS19 - Lodeking Tandem V1.0
– The Lodeking Tandem holds 50,500 liters, or around 1450 bushels and the fillplanes are seperate. It is very similar to the Ingame Lodeking Triaxle, but it is shorter, so it can be a perfect alternative for smaller operations.
– Includes a custom dirt map, and it is fully UDIM. It has the same color configurations as the Ingame Triaxle, as well as wheel color configurations.

Again, this is my first mod, so I still have a lot to learn, and it is by far a perfect mod. If you have any issues, put them in the comments, or message me. Enjoy, and happy farming!

Authors: Central Alberta Modding & Mapping  
File :13.5 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Lodeking Tandem V1.0 -

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