FS19 – Lösshügelland Map V1.0.2

FS19 - Lösshügelland Map V1.0.2
Welcome to the central Saxon loess hill country north of the city of Meissen!

Version 1.0.2
Hello everyone, since there were problems with the fir trees when felled in winter (led to a crash of the score), they were all replaced.
There is no need to start a new score

Hello everyone, after many hours of construction and nights without sleep, the time has come. The Loess Hills map is ready. You can expect about 970 hectares of arable land and about 120 hectares of meadows. There are 6 different farms that you can manage. In-game you can paint bushes, grass, weeds, cobblestones, … She is:
Manure system,
MaizePlus ccmExtension,
MaizePlus forageExtension,
and Precision Farming Ready.
(see Specializations)

For players who play precision farming games, the compost is not recognized as fertilizer. The players without precision farming can use the compost as normal fertilizer.
Despite more than 800 hours of testing on the card, there may still be small errors. We mappers, modders and testers are just human.

Authors: Just say thank you:With all modders, mappers and scripters whose things I have built in:Kastor, Ifko [Nator] 112Tec, modelleicher, The-Alien-Paul, Farming Agency, Blacky_BPG, Farmer_Schubi, kevink98, Wopster, LS-Modcompany / GtX, [TWD] Rick Black Labele, Farmer_Andy,Big thanks also to BernieSCS for releasing his Hofpack and other buildings.From everyone who helped me build:Gallier67, HeniJimdrix, MickxxlFor all testers of the map:Nyze_LP, Ronny-SGD, KannNixTV,And all other testers of the map.And with my 2 main testers who have already been on the map for over 800 hours:Jackducster and Froggi66Thank you all very much.  
File :1.3 GB / ZIP 
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