FS19 – Lp19 Les V1.2

FS19 - Lp19 Les V1.2

This is a fixed version of this timber harvester i am not the author or creator of this mod i am not sure who is but all credit for design of the mod should go to them. Ankhimus fixed several issues with this mod and a big thank you to him for that. here is roughly what was fixed the cutting head now swivels correctly tracks and movement was improved dramatically weight of machine  was increased to stabalize the machine engine and torqe redone engine options added in store 130hp 170hp 450hp traction issues improved this is a great mod if u like the older looking machines and thanks to ankhimus its working properly enjoy everyone.

Authors: mod creator unknow updated modifications ankhimus  
Download FS19 – Lp19 Les V1.2 -
Download FS19 – Lp19 Les V1.2 -

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