FS19 – Man F2000 Sidedoors V1

FS19 - Man F2000 Sidedoors V1
Hello, it is time to release the Man F2000 rigid trucks. This time i will make only one post. We have 3 trucks – Grain, SideDoors and SideDoors with Crane.

1. You need SimpleIC mod.
2. IC trigger for the back door/curtain is on the back left angle of the truck, not on the back like it is on the Scania
3. Some of the configurations don\’t work together, this is not a bug, just the mod is made like that.

1. Cabin color
2. Body color
3. Rims color
4. Hubs color
5. Crane color
6. Extra lights configurations
7. Decals configurations
8. Body type configurations
9. Beacons configurations
10. Roofrack configuration
11. Windshield configuration
12. Wheels configurations
13. Engine configurations
14. Custom sound
15. Animated doors
16. Animated cabin

Authors: Crownzilla, OSTMODDING-FREUNDEN (curtains)  
File :72.2 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Man F2000 Sidedoors V1 -

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