FS19 – Manure Bunker V1

FS19 - Manure Bunker V1
Fresh from the Waffenschmiede in Saxony

Hello people, I would like to introduce you here to my small storage bunker row.
The pack includes 3 different bunker types.

Bunker 1 is purely there for storing your excess crap until it is needed.

You can also provide it with a tarpaulin after filling to protect dung from rain.

Bunker 2 is ideal for players who do not feel like animal husbandry but do not feel like giving up crap. Here is the solution! Just dump grass or shredded material and cover the tarpaulin after fermenting, you have dung instead of silage.

Bunker 3 combines the filling with manure, grass and shredded material, when you have this filled and covered the tarpaulin gets her lime out. This will save you from buying lime for your fields.
The whole thing was tested and runs error Free in the log.
Load mod: FS19_Manure_Bunker (Version: (hash: 00a4215d4247d89188732e8edf53b0fa)

Bunker 1. 15500 €
Bunker 2. 17500 €
Bunker 3. 36500 €

This mod may be further developed.

Authors: Modell: Nemi
Textur: Nemi
Script: Nemi
Idee / Konzept: Nemi
Tester: Nemi  
Download FS19 – Manure Bunker V1 - www.modsup.com
Download FS19 – Manure Bunker V1 - modsbase.com

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