FS19 – Massey Ferguson 4292 V1.01

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FS19 - Massey Ferguson 4292 V1.01

(NOTE NOT MY MOD ALL CREDITS GO TO the gamer mod team 2020 for making the original mod )
I\’m going to release my EDIT of this mod AS IS UNFINISHED
This was my first try at editing a mod. I am now going to post all My mod edits here and remove all the files from my google drive.
list of things I fixed and or added are as fallows
1. added loader mount option
2.added new rops and made the canopy optional
3. tried to fix the lights… ( not 100% still unfinished but taken
as far as I could get with them)
4.fixed player foot placement and pedal movement
5.fixed 3 point hitch top link and overall movement of the hitch
for better lift height
6. re-positioned the mirrors and the indoor camera and aimed the mirrors so they can be used well in the indoor cam view
7.fixed the weight and center of mass weight to a more realistic weight and
8.corrected the hp to the real life hp of the tractor.
9.set the top speed of the tractor from 25kph to 43kph
10. fixed trailer hitch
11. fixed floating /shaking decal
12.fixed right front wheel now it lines up with the axle
13.fixed tie rod, re-sized and re-positioned.
14.updated textures and parts

There may still be some problems my skills are still lacking.
If you are able to and so do fix the rest of the issues with ths mod and or improve this mod all I ask is that you share it with everyone else to enjoy and give proper credit where it\’s due with any of my mod edits thank you.
Anyways enough of the boring stuff here\’s the link please enjoy and remember mods are meant to be enjoyed in a game not fought over. let\’s not ruin a great modding community.
Thank you for your understanding.

Authors: original modder thegamermodteam2020

edit by Aj Bentley  
File :50.1 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Massey Ferguson 4292 V1.01 - www.modsup.com
Download FS19 – Massey Ferguson 4292 V1.01 - modsbase.com

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