FS19 – Mercedes-Benz Trac Pack 1300 – 1800 V1.6

FS19 - Mercedes-Benz Trac Pack 1300 - 1800 V1.6
Fixed log errors
Buckled nose and corn grill added
color selection
Silver thistle design
Front and rear wipers
Different configurations

MB Trac with hammer sound, mousecontrol for windows and doors, choice of colors, articulation and many configurations!

So here is the official version with the color choice of this MB Trac!
All major bugs that can affect the game in any way should now be fixed!
He now has a choice of 19 colors, a buckle on the 1300 and 1500, and a silver thistle design.
I have mainly converted these tugs according to my ideas and have also responded to requests and suggestions from the community.
Of course, you can’t do it right for everyone, everyone should be aware of that!
I\’m not going to list all of the functions he has here, since most of them already know them.
If you don’t know him yet, you should simply download and try it out.
For the sound to work properly, players who use the FS19_KeyboardSteer must set the gearbox to off!
Also note the readme in the zip for the sound!

Authors: Originalmod: BM Modding
Umbau (mit Erlaubnis): PommFritz
Sound von PeterAH [FBM]
Unterstützer: BR Mod Performance und Sven
Toplights von BR Mod Performance
Mousecontrol von Sven
Farbwahl von bembelpower
Änderungen am Model von bembelpower  
File :18.1 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Mercedes-Benz Trac Pack 1300 – 1800 V1.6 -
Download FS19 – Mercedes-Benz Trac Pack 1300 – 1800 V1.6 -

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