FS19 – Mercer County: Dfmep V1.0

FS19 - Mercer County: Dfmep V1.0
easons Ready(and highly recommended)
Built in GEO
Precision Farming Compatible(real life soil map)
New Silo Unloaders
New crops: Silage Corn, short season soybeans, Alfalfa, rye, and triticale
New corn harvesting techniques: Earlage and corn picking
New fillTypes: Cracked corn, bean meal, ground feed, short season soybeans, and CCM(used to simulate high moisture corn feed types)
Global Company fermenting silos and corn drying
Calves, and milk replacer
Autoload bale barns
More realistic TMR mixes
Automatic feeder bunk
New heifer pen
Corn and bean bales
Large round bales (grass bales are still small for Anderson DLC compatibility)

Authors: JS Mapping: Anhydrous fillType RAND0Msparks: Cracked corn fillType No Creek Farms: Seasonal decofoliage, alfalfa, bale textures 
File :1.0 GB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Mercer County: Dfmep V1.0 -

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