FS19 – Never Land Map V3.1

FS19 - Never Land Map V3.1
I am pleased to introduce you to my map.

Version 3.1
Edible Oil Frying Oil Vegetable Fabric Clothing Harvest23 and A3 Hud Created
Edible oil frying oil vegetable fabric and clothing entered into sales
Edible oil Frying oil production Installed
Weaving and Tailoring Installed
Vegetable Packing Installed
Ernte23 and A3 were installed as new pallets and entered into sales
A hall more installed on the yard
Various fences and lights set
Playertrigger of all preparations made smaller
Marlboro manufacture in cigarettes manufacturing Gändert
Two out of three vehicle spawns at the dealer
Egg and cotton are reduced as they are used in other manufactures

Authors: Modell: Oli5464
Textur: Oli5464
Script: Farmer_Schubi
Idee / Konzept: Oli5464/Paul
Tester: Oli5464/Paul
Sonstige: Oli5464/Paul/Farmer_Schubi/mauricespencer  
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