FS19 – New Felsbrunn (Multifruit) V1.0

FS19 - New Felsbrunn (Multifruit) V1.0
Welcome everyone to the next installment of Felsbrunn , another one because there are a lot of them. A month after FS19 was released I published a map called “Your Farm” which is a remodeled Felsbrunn. This New Felsbrunn map is a revised and upgraded Your Map multifruit map. Map ready for mod season, precision farming and fully compatible with manure system , addon straw hervest and maize plus. Using the mentioned modifications the map will run and be fully playable. In addition, we have thirteen additional productions on the fields and the so-called multiterrain, which allows you to cultivate fields from all angles.

On the map we have added many additional buying stations, which receive from us non-standard productions such as tomatoes, cauliflowers, sugar, flour, yoghurts, butter and many others. All it takes is a modification and the erection of a suitable building for production and we have an assured sale.

The many trees on the map also provide plenty of opportunities for lumberjacks to cut down trees and produce in sawmills, trees should not be in short supply. We also have an additional two fully functional farms to buy with chicken coops for egg and chicken production and a horse farm as well as a sheep pasture. If someone does not feel like raising animals then they will find a job in vegetable production and other agricultural produce.

Have fun on the map while waiting for the new FS22 release.

Authors: GIANTS Software // Yazu - Seasons 19 by Realismus Modding - Strawharvest Addon by Creative Mesh - AnimalPenExtension by GtX -MW PLACEABLE HOF SUNNY EDIT/Bernie / Sunny 
File :ZIP 
Download FS19 – New Felsbrunn (Multifruit) V1.0 -

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