FS19 – New Felsbrunn (Multifruit) V2.0

FS19 - New Felsbrunn (Multifruit) V2.0
This map New Felsbrunn a revised and improved multi-fruit map. Map ready for mod season, precision farming and fully compatible with manure system, straw hervest and corn plus addon. After applying the mentioned modifications the map will work and be fully playable. In addition, we have thirteen additional field productions and the so-called multiterrain, which allows you to cultivate fields from all angles.

-Cow feeding system. It’s working fine now.
-The bale sale location is now in the correct place (previous versions had the trigger in the place where the animals were bought)
-A new lighting system was used on the map
-The new scenery is a complete change to the high mountain region.

There are many additional collection points on the map that pick up non-standard items such as tomatoes, cauliflower, sugar, flour, yogurt, butter and more. All it takes is a modification and putting up the right building for production and we are assured of sales.

The abundance of trees on the map also creates plenty of opportunities for lumberjacks to cut down the trunks.

The map does not require a new game save, you can play on the old one, but then the bale purchase will be in the place where you buy animals.

The map is compatible with modifications:
– Seasons 19 by Realismus Modding
– HorseExtension by the Farming Agency
– Strawharvest Addon by Creative Mesh
– AnimalPenExtension by GtX
– Manure system by Wopster
– Output map( Giants Software ) edited by: SunnyFarmingLS
– Idea, arrangement, performance by: Yazu

Authors: Giants Software // Yazu  
File :ZIP 
Download FS19 – New Felsbrunn (Multifruit) V2.0 -

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