FS19 – Norddeich Map V1

FS19 - Norddeich Map V1
On this map you will find the village of Norddeich and two other villages, Westermarsch and Risum-Linholm. In each of these villages you will find farms with a wide variety of branches, biogas plants, cowsheds or pigsties.

Take over one of these modern farms and manage areas from large to small in a unique landscape.
In total you have the choice between six different farms: Gruen farm, Frandsen farm, Hansen farm, Auernhammer farm Jansen farm and Thomsen farm. The map is suitable for both single and multiplayer due to the different farm sizes.

But now have fun playing!

-6 starting farms
-High resolution PDA
-Seasons ready
-Manure Mod ready
-Maize Plus ready
-Realistic and high resolution textures
-New fruit type greenrye
-and so on
This map is suitable for PC

Authors: Fraengers_DVL  
File :463.5 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Norddeich Map V1 -

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