FS19 – Oliver Cletrac Hg V2

FS19 - Oliver Cletrac Hg V2
Change Log
– UDIMed to FS19 Standards
– added working animations
– added animated guages
– fixed track animation
– added “Arcade” option with 50hp/18mph

The Cleveland Motor Plow Company was incorporated in January, 1916, to build the new crawler tractor. In 1917, the name was changed to the Cleveland Tractor Company, and a year later, the “Cletrac” trademark was adopted.

Between 1916 and 1944, Cletrac produced some 75 different tractor models, one of which was the HG. Introduced in 1939, the little HG crawler was powered by a Hercules IXA-3, 3” X 4” engine that developed about 14 drawbar horsepower. In Nebraska Tractor Test No. 324, of August, 1939, the 3500 pound Model HG pulled 2800 pounds, almost 80% of its own weight while using 1.5 gallons of gas per hour.

Sometime after Oliver bought out the Cleveland Tractor Company in 1944, an improved version of the HG came out. It now had a 3 1/8” X 4” Hercules IXK-3 engine, turning about 16 1/2 hp, and was available with a belt pulley and PTO shaft, as well as a variety of track pads for different applications.

Authors: KaosKnite - origianl model and ingame Scooter\'s Workbench - conversion and clean up to FS19. 
File :5.0 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Oliver Cletrac Hg V2 -
Download FS19 – Oliver Cletrac Hg V2 -

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