FS19 – Osiek Seven Farms Ready V2.3

Farming Simulator 19 Osiek Seven Farms Ready V2.3 mod download.

Hello again, sorry everyone for uploading a bad copy of the map, here the correct version with no log errors with extra objects.

In easy mode at the start we have the largest field which can be sold for 2700000 and the cash can be used to buy one of the seven farms on the map and the machinery you need. We have five complete farms, one large pig farm which we can turn into a breeding farm and in Osiek we can buy garage and warehouse space for an agricultural service company for those who like contracts and do not necessarily have to have a farm. Silage and storage silos accept all crops found on the map.

The map can be used to cultivate the land from all angles (multi terrain), the map also includes a stubble and grass levelling script.

The map is compatible with modifications:
– Precision Farming
– Seasons 19 by Realismus Modding 
– HorseExtension by the Farming Agency
– Strawharvest Addon by Creative Mesh
– AnimalPenExtension by GtX
– Manure system by Wopster

-(AnimalFix, I3DLoadingFix, l10nfix, SprayerFix, addBalesToWrapper)

Disabled resetting fields after purchase and disabled photo radar. These two options can be enabled by editing (modDesc) the maps.

The map also includes objects from Bernie scs. from the Hinterkaifeck map.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the development of FS19. Feel free to download the map and have fun.

Authors: Yazu  
Download FS19 – Osiek Seven Farms Ready V2.3 -

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