FS19 – Ostrowitko Map V2.0.2.0

FS19 - Ostrowitko Map V2.0.2.0
Welcome to Ostrowitko! This is Polish map for Farming Simulator 19. Map is modeled on the areas of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian in Poland.

The map has:
– 4 placeables farms,
– 72 fields,
– A lot forests,
– 12 selling points.
You will see more after downloading the map!

– Added 12 new fields,
– Added 8 new placeables models,
– Added 8 new selling stations,
– Added gas station,
– Added paintable grass and bushes,
– Added shop icon,
– Fixed farmlands price,
– Fixed BGA,
– Fixed sleep trigger,
– Fixed leviting models,
– Fixed visual bugs.

– Precision Farming support,
– Added new crops textures,
– Added Seasons Mask,
– Fixed leviting models,
– Fixed textures on models,
– Fixed visual bugs.

– Added Rye and Triticale to sell points,
– Changed trees textures,
– Fixed leviting trees.

Authors: Puma 145  
File :ZIP 
Download FS19 – Ostrowitko Map V2.0.2.0 -

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