FS19 – Pine Cove Farm Update 14/06/2021

FS19 - Pine Cove Farm Update 14/06/2021
Update 14/06/2021
Both map links have been updated with a new version of the map which requires a brand new game save. The old version of the map is no longer supported.
Many tweeks, fixes and changes have been made to the map. You may have to turn the object draw distance and lod distance up in the games advanced setting to get it to look like the first version of the map.
Download and place the map zip into your mods folder, load and play. Make sure you cache the map by driving all around it, make a save then reload and play.
The map is not a GE convert but a full rebuild using the Four Lakes Farm map template so everything that was added to Four Lakes is in this new FS19 version of Pine Cove Farm. I\’m glad this won the user vote for a remake, I\’m very pleased with how it turned out.

Authors: Stevie  
File :1.1 GB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Pine Cove Farm Update 14/06/2021 -

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