FS19 – Piotrkowice Map V2

FS19 - Piotrkowice Map V2
The map has:
Three playable farms
Purchases on the map (of everything)
Purchase of machines and Mechanic
Gas station
Missions in the fields
80 fields from small to large
4 meadows
5 forests
Polish soil and grass textures
Gates open to approach
Pedestrian traffic
Map weight (374mb)

Changes that occurred on Piotrkowice V2
Traffic has been added
Space for your economy has been added
PDA changed
The area has been edited
Errors have been corrected
Store Entry enlarged
Lands can be bought separately
And other …

Authors: Mrkrzemyk  
File :374.4 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Piotrkowice Map V2 -

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