FS19 – Riverside Farms Map V1.1

FS19 - Riverside Farms Map V1.1
Welcome to Riverside Farms. This is a fictious map based around the beautiful East Cheshire region in the United Kingdom.

Remapped tipcol’s
Now able to sell bales at bulk points on mission
Repositioned trees
fixed straw bale trigger at the 2nd cow farm
Removed collision from catseye’s
Added compost to some sellpoint’s

On this map you will find;

5 active farms for you to choose from along with locations around the map, which with some TLC can be reformed to make an additional base of operations.
All animal Pens are built, and custom to the map
1X BGA (reasonably priced or free on New Farmer)
2X Sawmill
1X Large Forest with extra forestry locations darted around the map
2x Large Placeable areas to tantalize your creative side
Loads of shed space
Precision Farming Ready
Seasons Ready
Store Sales Ready
Manure System Ready
Bulk buying from North farm shop and Mid Farm shop
Free lime from BOTH FarmShop’s plus seed fert and liquid fertilizer and herbicide
Additional crops including: Onions, Carrots, Rye, Millet & Sorghum

Have you got what it takes to thrive in this beautiful and tranquil environment? Come and give it a go!

WARNING when using the bunker silo at the main farm this will NOT empty fully due to the fact that all bunker need to on 90 degrees axis to work fully,
Use at your own risk!!!

Update; Major Fix’s
fixed farmland issue’s,
milk trigger working at beef farm,
replaced petrol station
reduced seed usage for carrot and onion’s for planting,
fixed storage at main farm,
added new crop to the main silo
fixed food plane at main cow farm (diary)
fixed bunkers at BGA and main farm
other minor fix also done
Xbox Users If you have the Alpine DLC then please enable it this WILL show the roads (temp fix for now still working on issue)
I’m still working on a permanent solution!

Authors: MISSYB  
File :ZIP 
Download FS19 – Riverside Farms Map V1.1 -

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