FS19 – Rolland Pack V1.0.0.2

FS19 - Rolland Pack V1.0.0.2
Pack of 10 vehicles of the brand Rolland, leading manufacturer of trailers on the French market.

-correction of the physics on the rollmax
-correction of fillvolume on the rollmax
-channel correction on the rollmax
-correction of the cylinders on the follower of the rollspeed 8851
-improved behavior of the 8851 rollspeed
-correction of the cash register of the rollroc 7100
-correction of collisions on rollroc
-correction of a collision on the industrial casing
-adding of wheel configurations
-addition of translations

-Rollspeed 6332.
Price: 36.539€
Capacity: 26.000l /32.000l

-Rollspeed 8851.
Price: 67.620€
Capacity: 35.000l /51.000l

-LSEL 10006.
Price: 21.600€
3 type of trailer side.
Autoload Configuration:
28/35 or 48 round bale.
21 or 32 square bale.

-LSP 9004.
Price: 16.650€
3 type de trailer side.
Autoload Configuration:
24/30 ou 36 round bale.
21 ou 28 square bale.

-Rollforce 6118.
Price: 31.780€
Capacity: 18.000l
2 type of spreader: ESP21(12m) or TCE (16m).

-Rollmax 8735.
Price: 79.900€
Capacity: 35.000l
2 type of Spreader: C10EDT(16m) or TCE (24m).

-Rollvan 64.
Price: 16.795€
5 cow / 8 pig / 10 sheep

-Rollroc 5300.
Price: 36.850€
Capacity: 11.000l

-Rollroc 7100.
Price: 66.895€
Capacity: 15.000l

-Ampliroll 7526.
Price: 71.850€
Configuration IT RUNNER or ROLLAND containers.

-Industrial container.
Price: 5000€
Capacity: 45.000l

-Rollroc 7100 container.
Price: 10000€
Capacity: 15.000l

-Turboclassic container.
Price: 7500€
Capacity: 36.000l

Authors: SimulagriModding  
File :145.0 MB / ZIP 
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