FS19 – Ropa Big Bear V1

FS19 - Ropa Big Bear V1
On multiple request, here then the Big Bear
IMPORTANT: This is a conversion!

Have been done:
– Conversion with partial rebuilding of some components
– dyn. hoses
– Animated dirt flap
– tracked chassis
– Newly built lamps designed especially for this trailer
– Overloading potatoes, sugar beets, garlic, beets, carrots and onions
– LS19 material system installed
– LS19 light system installed

You wanted him, you have him now. But that\’s the topic for us as well.
Meaning, if there are no serious problems with this trailer, nothing is changed from our side!

If one or more of the fruits listed above are not installed on your map, Warnings will appear in the log. These may be ignored!

Have fun with it

Download FS19 – Ropa Big Bear V1 -
Download FS19 – Ropa Big Bear V1 -

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