FS19 – Simplified Control V1.2

FS19 - Simplified Control V1.2
This script inserts new controls

Devices on the front / to flaps.
Open / lower the front of the device.
Turn the front of the device on / off.

Devices on the back / to flaps.
Lower / lower the device.
Turn the devices on / off.

Up to two devices are controlled at the front as well as at the rear, with one push of a button
to open and close the attached devices
lower and lift the attached devices
on and off switching the attached devices

disconnect front-mounted devices
decouple rear-mounted devices
Operation: on / to ALT + NumLock 7
Operation: up / down ALT + NumLock 8
Operation: on / off ALT + NumLock 9

Operation: disconnect front ALT + NumLock /
Operation: uncouple rear ALT + NumLock *
Key assignment can be changed in menu
All functions Can be switched on and off in the modsSettings
This script was caused by my laziness xd it bothered me, for example, if I have mowed and I had a front mower, a rear wagon and I always had to select you to turn off the devices and turn around

Authors: Script: Hummel2211
Idee / Konzept: Hummel2211
Tester: cheeky  
Download FS19 – Simplified Control V1.2 - www.modsup.com
Download FS19 – Simplified Control V1.2 - modsbase.com

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