FS19 – Six Ashes Map V1

FS19 - Six Ashes Map V1
Welcome To Six Ashes you have just been left a house and small overgrown yard with limited equipment and money by your late grandfather you will need to clear the yard (sell Decorations in owned items) to get at some of the machinery. can you build the farm into a profitable business and even extend into one of the nearby farms are you up for the challenge?

Terrain height and field sizes accurate to real life google maps PDA

Most thing will only work or show up once land is Purchased animals,silos ect
The Udder Dairy Farm – cows & sheep
Pine View Farm – pigs
C.J Farms – cows, sheep & chickens
Back Acres Farm – Arable
Charlottes Livery Stables & Stud – Horses
Honey Pot Allotments – Hourly income when land purchased from Bee hives and green houses, green houses require manure and water
Beechwood Fishery – Hourly income when land purchased
One light switch at each yard will activate all lights at that yard

Custom Lighting
Custom grass texture
Seasons supported
Field & transport missions
78 fields
9 sellpoints inc BGA

Authors: GBModding  
File :394.7 MB / ZIP 
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