FS19 – Slovak Village Rus Map V1.2

FS19 - Slovak Village Rus Map V1.2
– Pastures (cows, sheep, pigs, chickens) built into the map for New Farmer mode. Can be sold
– Large detailed farm for New Farmer mode. In Farm Manager and Start from Scratch modes, you can build whatever you want.
– Prepared a detailed New Farmer farmhouse located in a village linked to a chicken pasture.
– The train system is on.
– 37 fields – small / medium / large – fields with their own specific shape and square fields.
– 14 points of sale – including BGA, train.
– 4 railway silos. In the city: train, loading area. Train loading station – root crops + sugar cane. To the east of the map: The railroad silo to the east can load grain, root vegetables, and sugarcane. In the forest area: railway silo – wood chips.
– All points of sale, train depots and shops have their own opening hours – you cannot buy / sell items if they are closed. Note: on the first boot everything is closed, just wait 1 hour in the game and everything will return to its normal work cycle.
– Large forest area
– Missions – fieldwork and transport missions are included.
– NPCs with Slovak names
– Customized mission transport pallets + recycled standard pallets.
– Large pallet with new placeables used on a prearranged farm in New Farmer game mode. So you can use them in other modes as well. (small gas station, workshop, shelters, gas stations …)
– Buying stations are scattered around the map – you can buy seeds, fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, herbicides, lime … or even animal feed – oats, pig feed. This is, of course, a little more expensive than pallets from the store, but more convenient.
Manure and manure suppliers included. You can sell or buy from them. The manure can be loaded directly onto the trailer or, if you prefer, you can use a manipulator and load it manually.
– Small unique feature: In the vehicle store, you can find a Manitou forklift that doesn’t belong to anyone. This can be used to load pallets you purchased, no need to bring your own manipulator with you. Especially useful for getting started.

Various factories included in the map, from large factories to small hosted ones. (Quarry, sawmill, meat factory, dairy products, orchard …) To be able to produce in these factories, you must first buy them by buying the farmland on which they are built. …

Authors: MrHector  
File :707.4 MB / ZIP 
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