FS19 – Spk Udmurtiya Map V1

FS19 - Spk Udmurtiya Map V1
On the map З0 fields, the middle size, the largest field is the Z7 hectare. The default culture (ecology and recess). There are almost all animals (chickens, sheep, pigs, cows, horses), but you need to buy sections, the icons on the PDA will be included when you buy the sections. Mnogo punktov ppodazh, Nr tolko chetype tochki, Where mozhno ppodavat vcyu celxozppoduktsiyu c poley (Elevatopy, Pechnoy popt, OOO Fepmep) Ha kapte CPK Udmuptiya ppicutctvuet poezd (dve vetki) nA kotopom mozhno pepevozit and ppodavat ppoduktsiyu, libo vozit nA nix vce nA odnu central base. A busy and traffic-friendly car. In front of the farm (from where you started) the trigger is installed again. Storage capacities: Central base (grains and lignos, grains, lime) – 10 million liters, Storage plants (grains and lignos, grains, lime) – 1 liter grit The doorway is all canceled, the door is at a loss (the product does not work, it just doesn’t work), it opens and closes at 9:00. There are points of purchase of goods: OOO Farm (feed for livestock, livestock, manure), Elevators (grains), Food (seed, fertilizer, lime), Aggregate charge (sample). There are three BGAs (small – village Bavozh, large – two points of sale, strong pits, accessories, separate separate buying station). There are tables, where to unload, where to load, what is on top of the banner when entering (yellow markers of the tigger – unloading, loading).

Authors: Alexey Kirshin  
File :1.3 GB / ZIP 
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