FS19 – St 180N V1.5

FS19 - St 180N V1.5
I decided to publish my ŠT180N Škoda project. The damage can be used as a tractor as well as a loader (to disconnect the bucket it is necessary to put it in its original position).
Please note in advance that I am not a 100% author. These are several machines (not just Škodas) that were ever in FS. I took the necessary parts from them and adjusted them according to my ideas.
The log is clean, but I’m still learning all the programs, so there may be some error or deficiency. If you find something like this, write it to me in the comments. I will try to fix or improve it in the next version.
Skoda contains various visual configurations and animations. Everything is shown in the video.
In the next version I will add an extended version with a spreader, or silage body and maybe something more.

Authors: dj-ocas  
File :76.1 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – St 180N V1.5 -

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