FS19 – Steyr 8100 Sk1 Basic Version V1

FS19 - Steyr 8100 Sk1 Basic Version V1
Hello, today we introduce the 8100 SK1 to you.
Baisisversion; Basic version means that this model will be extended / updated. We will not rename the zip file, so you can continue a game without having to buy the vehicle every time.

Info / Data to the original:
Engine: STEYR WD 611.86 (~ 5.2l 6 cylinder) (no turbo)
Driving: Deutz TW90 15v / 5r gears, 30kmh
Construction time: 19 (78) / 79 -1984 with SK1 cabin (Super Comfort 1st generation cabin (SK1))
Net weight: 4230kg
Power: 85 hp
Tank capacity 122l

Now to the model:
It’s not perfect but it’s fun to drive
Lesnik FH buyable
Sound recording (from Steyr8100Chrisi its 8100a SK1, known from LS17)
Speedometer, tank, temp. Display animated / illuminated
Ackerschiene installed
Stoll FL console installed (from the Fendt 500 Favorit ausm LS19 Game)
yellowish backlit work light (NUM 6)
Windscreen wiper animated (in rain)
seat suspension
Connection pants ready
swing axle
85 hp
Lower link rear selectable
Year 1980
RMT (RealManualTransmission) ready
Front hitch with two “AtacherJoints” (1x for shunting trailers, 1x for purchasable front weights

Wheels sets:
Standard v: 420 / 70R24h: 460 / 85R34
Standard + ZW v: 420 / 70R24h: 460 / 85R34 + 270 / 95R44

Authors: Modell: Urmodell (8080a SK1 LS13): MB3D Modelling, Umbau/LS19 ready: STEYR Modding Team, Lesnik FH: Joe968
Textur: STEYR Modding Team, Lesnik FH: Joe968
Script: Giants Software, Manuel Leitner (SFM-Modding) (IC Controll Skirpt), LS19 ready; Rolnik410 Karas Proxim Svitch
Idee / Konzept: STEYR Modding Team
Tester: STEYR Modding Team
Sounds: Steyr8100Chrisi, STEYR Modding Team  
Download FS19 – Steyr 8100 Sk1 Basic Version V1 -

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