FS19 – Syn Trac V1.2.0.1

FS19 - Syn Trac V1.2.0.1
A new vehicle category. Flexible applications.

Update 1.2 – Some fixes
fix: Attachersound
fix: Syn Trac slides on parking

– Fully automatic docking process
– Fully automatic coupling of one or more additional driven axle(s)
– Fully automatic coupling of an additional engine (summation of PTO power)
– Increased safety through optimal visibility conditions
– Low centre of gravity due to the special engine-transmission arrangement
– Hydropneumatic chassis with independent suspension
– Speed options 60 kph or 80 kph
– Steering options: front-wheel, all-wheel, and crab steering
– Comfort cabin with different seat variants
– FS optimized visualization platform

This package contains:

– SYN TRAC Pre-production model
+ Configuration: axle-modul with 3-point and trailer attachements
+ Price: 320.000 €
+ Power: 420 PS
– Standardadapter
– Elephant-Frontloader
– Support-Adapter
– Fertilizer S (Prototyp)

– Multiweight 800-3000

Authors: ITS  
Download FS19 – Syn Trac V1.2.0.1 -
Download FS19 – Syn Trac V1.2.0.1 -

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