FS19 – Tatra 815 Cas32 V1

FS19 - Tatra 815 Cas32 V1
Hello, I am posting this modification today. There are quite a few reasons … Unfortunately, this means that this is the last modification from me, which you will see for download somewhere (maximum in the picture). The community still doesn\’t understand why some modifications are private. They do not understand that every modeler, scriptwriter, editor has their rights to determine to whom the modification or anything else will be made available. And if there is someone around him who will disappoint his trust, it will definitely hurt.

I would like to thank Libor Slaný for this model … I have already been in contact with him and discussed all the necessary matters with him. Tribute to distrust is driving this community to the bottom.

Otherwise, the Tatra CAS 32/8000/240 in the game works as a water tank and also as a high-pressure cleaner.

Functions: Opening doors, beacons, siren, opening superstructure with equipment, high pressure, lights, turn signals, …

Note: if you want to fill with water, you need to turn on the siren (it is bound to \”open the cover\”)

Authors: Libor Slaný (JZD Strážnice) Convert to FS19 and tweaks: Lorex123 
File :35.7 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Tatra 815 Cas32 V1 -
Download FS19 – Tatra 815 Cas32 V1 -

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