FS19 – The Homestead Map V3

FS19 - The Homestead Map V3
This morning I am releasing the final update for The Homestead 4x map! The zip file should be FS19 The Homestead If you have any other version, it is not the current one.
First things first, yes this update does require a new save because of the adjustments that needed to be made. I have had a blast making this map and I am not sure what a handful of people are having crashes with it. The log is error-free and the map runs great for most people.
Thank you to everyone that contributed something to the effort and the final project came out great!

New triggers in several sell points
BGA walls Fixed
Environmental changes that effect lighting
Changes to grass in a few areas
Checked and resized weight files
Cleaned up a few sloppy areas
Added addition straw sell point

And a lot of little things you will likely never see.
Enjoy the map and please don’t spend a lot of time on the negative that is being spread around in the community about it.
Yes, it is Seasons ready, Straw Harvest Ready, and MaizePlus ready.

Authors: FunnyFarmGaming  
File :678.5 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – The Homestead Map V3 -

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