FS19 – The Modular Map V1.6

FS19 - The Modular Map V1.6
This map shows the topography of arable land in a region of Ile de France.
It let’s you use the base game tools and building as well as mods from the modhub to build and create your very own farming universe.
Included from the beginning is a basic playable farm and 4 arable plots.
The basic game features remains, including missions.
The northern area of the map is to be developed.
Ready for Seasons Mods.
Good game everyone!

Changelog 1.6:
Compliance of the trainSystem.
A new savegame is necessary.

Changelog 1.5:
Added a cattlefarm
6 cows is already located at the farm with the needed feed and water levels
Modification of railway silos.
Fixed the “flying objects” errors

Changelog 1.4:
nstallation of the “train system” on the periphery of the map.
Establishment of two storage point silos.
Establishment of a point of sale silo at the station.
Arrangement of the decor.
A new backup is mandatory.

Changelog 1.3:
Development of the northern zone with the creation of cultivable plots.
Areas of 28 to 20 hectares.
Courseplay and Autodrive compatible.
Decor revisited.

Changelog 1.2:
Addition of poplar cultivation.
Compatibility DLC Anderson Group Equipment Pack

Changelog 1.1:
Equipment for new farmers adapted to the size of the plots.
Modification of the starting point.
Minor updates.

Authors: Fernand24  
File :ZIP 
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