FS19 – Threshingflowindicator V1.0.3.6

FS19 - Threshingflowindicator V1.0.3.6
This script enables the header utilization to be displayed in the thresher.

ATTENTION: Installation required. This is NOT a script that just needs to be in the mod folder

– Added dependence to working width of attached cutter
– added xml attribute “defaultCutterWorkingWidth” which defines most suitable working width of harvester
– fixed pickup/direct disc input
– fixed grass input
– added dependence of used width of cutter to maxFruitSpeed
– added attribute to set own warn sound, volume and speedOffset of this sound
– added dependence of pipeEffect-thickness to load
– added dependence of horse power to maxFruitSpeed
– added indicator symbol when reaching x % workload

Authors: da-hoffi  
File :609 KB / RAR 
Download FS19 – Threshingflowindicator V1.0.3.6 - www.modsup.com
Download FS19 – Threshingflowindicator V1.0.3.6 - modsbase.com

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