FS19 – Tlx 48Ft Livestock Trailer V1

FS19 - Tlx 48Ft Livestock Trailer V1
The TLX 9000 Semi is ready to help you with your cattle! With the livestock transport pack you will never pay again to deliver your animals at your farm!

TLX 48ft Livestock Transport Trailer: A livestock transport trailer with lots of options:
– Configure the style of the trailer, choose betweel european style, 2 different american styles or even an Aussie/NZ style!
– Configure the tailgate options to match the style you like the most, ramps, sliding door or a roll-up door
– Multiple wheel selection
– Optional Tag Axle (mouse/joystick control)
– Connection Hoses
– Capacities (** driver disclaimer ** the trailer fully loaded is heavy… careful driving is reccomended!!)
– Cows: 30
– Pigs: 56
– Sheeps: 56
– Price: 21500

Authors: 82Studio  
File :29.9 MB / ZIP 
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