FS19 – Tornanadaska Komjati Map V1.0

FS19 - Tornanadaska Komjati Map V1.0
This google earth editing map 50% true 50% fiktiv
5 selling point, have mission fields.
Have a train in map,therefore, turn off the switch to fittings .This train is just an ornament a (traffic). Hungarian Landscape.

I also describe it in Hungarian because the track is Hungarian. The track is semi-real (Tornanádaska) semi-fiction (Komjáti). The train is just traffic, so after loading the game, switch to trains to NO! The Slovak Ore Mountains are surrounded by the Cserehát and the Zemplén Mountains, of which only the Slovak Ore Mountains in the northern landscape are included. The Hungarian-Slovak border runs directly behind the mountains.

Have fun playing! Have a good time. Anyone who doesn’t like the track shouldn’t play with it, it’s that simple. The track can be easily edited for editing.

Authors: Anonymus  
File :772.7 MB / ZIP 
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