FS19 – Ural 4320-60 Liquid Tanker V1

FS19 - Ural 4320-60 Liquid Tanker V1
All credit for original model to Axary. This is just an edit.
Many colors, cabin, tank and rims changeable
Speed 100kmh (speedometer and tachometer calibrated)
Power 636hp Tuned for top speed at max power (1970rpm)

Gear lever postion animations changed to fit the gear position sticker on the dashboard. Add a high/low range so now there are 10 gear changes (and a double clutch with 4th gear). Will just slip into high 5th at 96kmh.
Doors and windows open using mouse control.
Added driving lights and beacons.
Dual rears on 2 of the Ural wheel sets Also has Nokian singles and Lizard truck tires with duals available.
Hubs on the Nokians color matched to the rims.
Tank has 10000L diesel capacity, Liquids has 35000 with weight. 100000 litres with no weight. Brakes have been boosted 20% for the extra weight.
Decals on tank have been disabled. Original texture file is in zip if you want to restore them.

Authors: Original file by Axary and his team. Thank you sir/madam for providing the community with such a great truck.
ModDesc credit is retained  
File :34.0 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Ural 4320-60 Liquid Tanker V1 -
Download FS19 – Ural 4320-60 Liquid Tanker V1 -

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