FS19 – Ural 44202 With Manipulator V1.7

FS19 - Ural 44202 With Manipulator V1.7
There is a great way to improve the functionality of the URAL-44202 mod in FS 2019 – to put a manipulator on it. What happened in the end, see for yourself. The URAL 44202 With Manipulator selection includes two different manipulators with minor differences. For them, a choice of design and color of the cabin is available. It is also possible to repaint the manipulator.

URAL-44202 develops a speed of 80 km / h. The fuel tank has a capacity of 480 liters. An engine with a capacity of 240 hp is responsible for the power characteristics. Informative dashboard with animation of the speedometer, tachometer. The choice of different types of wheels improves the patency of the crane In FS 2019 it can be used for loading a wide variety of goods. If you want a fast and efficient manipulator vehicle, be sure to try the URAL 44202 With Manipulator. You will definitely like it!

Authors: Axary  
File :36.7 MB / ZIP 
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