FS19 – Ursus C-330 (Poprawka) V1

FS19 - Ursus C-330 (Poprawka) V1
Changes: light repair, texture improvement, bug correction with sound and many other improvements.
The mod has: moving parts, cab configuration, wheel configuration, dirt, two colors to choose from, engine configuration, real sounds and much more.
Modification data: max speed 25 km / h, price in store 15000, power 30 km or 31 km
Prohibition: changes to the link, editing, spoofing the author
Have fun playing Kap, Rejku20 and Poland. Thirty.

Authors: Rejku20, Kap, GIANTS Software GmbH, Polska Trzydziestka  
Download FS19 – Ursus C-330 (Poprawka) V1 -
Download FS19 – Ursus C-330 (Poprawka) V1 -

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