FS19 – Varvarovka Map V1.1.7

FS19 - Varvarovka Map V1.1.7
Changes related to flax! This card is an envelope from FS13. The author of the map is Dmitry Polyakov (polyakdemon). The author of the envelope in FS19 is Alexey Potanin. Default size map (2×2) A small description of the map: – 41 fields – production facilities (Flour mill, oil extraction plant, sugar factory, pellet production) – Animal (cows, sheep, pigs, horses, chickens) – Storage warehouses – Russian and import traffic (default) – A train that can be used to transport crops – Default textures – Many beautiful and interesting places – Adapted to the \”Seasons\” mod

Authors: Aleksey Potanin  
Download FS19 – Varvarovka Map V1.1.7 -

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