FS19 – Velichkovka Map V2.5

FS19 - Velichkovka Map V2.5
Welcome to Velichkovka.

This map was made on real terrain with changes for normal gameplay. There is a large village in the center of the map, around which all the functional objects are located. The map contains all standard crops + (rye, carrots, clover, hops, alfalfa, millet, onion, poppy, spelled, flax, tobacco and triticale), standard animals and 10 industries (sawmill, mill, pellet production, bakery, dairy, potato washer, seed production, compost production, fertilizer production, liquid fertilizer production, sugar factory, meat processing plant, apple orchard, pear orchard and cherry orchard). There are 7 points of sale and sale of logs. For normal robots, the map needs the FS19_GlobalCompany mod VERSION The new version received some fixes, 2 types of cabbage were removed and bushes with collisions were removed.

Thank you for your attention!

Authors: dtkbxrjdrf, B.A.N.  
File :RAR 
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