FS19 – Waldsee Map V1.1

FS19 - Waldsee Map V1.1
This is a forest map with some fields and a big lake. Far away in the mountains, in an area where fox and rabbit say good night to each other, is a beautiful, large lake surrounded by forests. The government has decided that this valley can be settled and is calling on adventurous, brave pioneers to take on the daunting task of cutting down countless trees in order to establish settlements and wrest farmland from the fertile soil. Are you ready for this pioneering achievement? Then pack your suitcase and travel to the Waldsee valley. As equipment, you get all the necessary forestry equipment or a financial grant with which you can purchase land and equipment. Have fun in the woods of Waldsee! If you don’t want to cut down that many trees, you can remove all trees from your property in one fell swoop by sawing off a post with a sign. These posts are in a secluded spot on each property. There is also a central post near the shop, on a separate mini plot, with which you can very easily remove all the trees on the map. Then there is no longer any obstacle to redesigning the Waldsee region. Overall, the map is designed in a minimalist way so that you have as much freedom as possible to rearrange the map yourself according to your own preferences. The central water surface runs over the entire map so that you can create your own ponds and streams everywhere if you wish. If you are lucky, you can find up to 36 crystals that you can sell in the central village building for a good price.

The card contains:
– 1 farm property with simple log cabin farm buildings, completely sellable (in the New Farmer mode)
– Start vehicles optimized for forest work, e.g. with Ponsee (in the New Farmer mode)
– 4 more places suitable for farms
– 3 fields
– 5 selling stations
– 1 wood selling station
– 1 wood chip selling station
– 3 additional decorative flowers that can be painted
– Fields can be painted in landscaping mmode
– 36 crystals for search and sale
– several placeable objects to rebuild the map
– Seasons ready
– Precision Farming ready

– Additions to the PDA map: 2 bridges and blue dots to indicate the position of the posts to remove the forest.
– Additional ground textures for the landscaping tool.
– Improvement of the bridge access for the low-loader.
– Update of the TipCol file, e.g. to be able to unload straw and grass everywhere.
In order to be able to use the last two changes, you need a new savegame.

Authors: Oma Tana  
File :ZIP 
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