FS19 – Watsons Tie Stall Barn V1.0

Farming Simulator 19 Watsons Tie Stall Barn V1.0 mod download.

Watson’s Tie Stall Barn
I got super focused on this one due to the massive amount of detail Casey Watson put into it. Couple notes, There’s a hole in the side of the barn by the hay elevator, That’s where its intended to place a silo, so I included a slightly reworked version of GNG modding;s old tower silo.
I hate trigger markers, so straw goes in the center aisle, feed trigger is in front of the cows, on the side closer to the milk room, water is next to the trough, milk in front of the milk room, and no animal spill trigger.

Authors: JMF Modding  
Download FS19 – Watsons Tie Stall Barn V1.0 -

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