FS19 – Western Australia (Farming Agency Edition) V1.0

FS19 - Western Australia (Farming Agency Edition) V1.0
Thank you to DecanKane for the honour of re editing this great map..
Welcome to western australia.This is my fave map off all time in fs 19,im glad that i had the honour of doing a re edit of this version
really hope that you like this version.loads have been added,massive thank you to everyone that has helped me i really appreciate this…
All new crops have been added.New sellpoints have been added also Western Australia has been optimized,there is plenty of room and opportunity for the
player to create there own farm and add new – buy & sellpoints.

Maize Plus – Ready
Maize Plus CCM Extension – Ready
Maize Plus Forage Extension – Ready
Maize Plus Horse Extension – Ready
Straw Harvest Add On
Manure System – Ready
2 x New Crops Added { Sorghum & Rice }
Seasons – Ready
Precision Farming – Ready
fruitDestruction 2.0 – Added
AddBalesToWrapper – Added

Authors: oliba DecanKane BernieSCS dasAlex Alien Paul Farming Agency Ækzl|Sash ShyWizard,OxygenDavid,DjGoHam,Klutch,82 Studio,Faber Farming,Polycount,Dr Drulia,Kederk Farms,Virtual Farmer,Fs Club,Prestige Wordwide,Argsy,The FarmSim Guy,Steves Mods,Ben M,ADub Modding 
File :375.0 MB / ZIP 
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