FS19 – Wittrock Flex-Weight S/m + M/l V1

FS19 - Wittrock Flex-Weight S/m + M/l V1
Front weight of the Wittrock brand for medium to large tractors. The unique Flex-Weight system allows a hydraulic shift of the center of gravity forward.

As much traction as possible, as little weight as necessary

The mod is based on the original front weight of the brand Wittrock. The stepless front weight Flex-Weight is in the field of front weights for tractors in a class of its own. Thanks to its innovative design, you can increase the front axle ballast as required, without changing the basis weight of the front weight. The unique Flex Weight system from Wittrock enables a hydraulic shift of the center of gravity to the front. At this point I would like to refer to the enclosed in the photos view of the weight distribution and the exclusive professional driving report. The mod tests were realistic. It is particularly clear with the following example; If the front weight of 2200kg for heavy-duty trackers (Wittrock Flex-Weight M / L) is attached to the New Holland of the T5 Series, it tilts forward as soon as the Flex-Weight is fully extended. Try it

The present mod was designed for medium to large tractors, hence the designation M / L. The M / L version can be configured with 1500Kg, 1700kg, 1900Kg and 2200Kg as well as a color choice. For small to medium sized tractors please (or additionally) download the version with the name S / M (Wittrock Flex-Weight S / M).

It should also be noted that the Wittrock front weights are generally realistic to deal with or to play. A careless uncoupling and throwing in the retracted state of the weights, for example, cause them to land accordingly on the ground, tilt and can not be picked up with the tractor. So, pull out before uncoupling.

Authors: CJFarming  
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