FS19 – Xlfarms X1 Map V1.0.0.6

FS19 - Xlfarms X1 Map V1.0.0.6
This is the update for the XLFarms X1. We have many improvements and bug fixes.

– Fixed problem with grain loading platform of trains: was floating in the air.
– grass in concrete: sell point

XLFarms X1 was a map created for the FS13 version. Adapted to FS17 and converted to FS19.
It is one of my favorite maps, by normal size, vast fields and pleasant topography.

Field sizes
Field 1 : 36.85 ha
Field 2 : 50.85 ha
Field 3 : 36.85 ha
Field 4 : 22.04 ha
Field 5 : 23.14 ha
Field 6 : 36.85 ha

Authors: XLFarms  
Download FS19 – Xlfarms X1 Map V1.0.0.6 -

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