FS19 – Yagodnoe New Map V3.0.3

FS19 - Yagodnoe New Map V3.0.3
Changes v3.0.3:
– Fixed weight at the flour mill, for AutoDrive;
– Removed straw from peas;
– Fixed hanging lights on base 1;
– Returned electric train and freight train;
– Removed one direction of traffic in the village. Trunino;
– In s. Trunino on the base removed K700, disassembled, interfered with many;
– Fixed loading of raspberries in greenhouses;
– Removed an incomprehensible bale in the store menu;
– Few little things.

List of changes:
1. Fixed triggers for sale, storages and others.
2. The rendering range of some objects has been corrected, but this does not mean that the FPS will be 60.
3. Fixed trains, unloading and loading from factories.
4. Minor edits, like pillars in the air.

And much more
Additionally made Geo mod, for those who play with the seasons mod.

Authors: Alexey Potanin (FS_POWER)  
File :968.3 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Yagodnoe New Map V3.0.3 -

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