FS19 – Yogiland 19.1 En Map V1

FS19 - Yogiland 19.1 En Map V1
– 4 Cards
– 21 fields, huge from 15 to 534 acres
– 11 additional crops: rye, spelled, millet, hop, tobacco, onions, carrots, cabbage, red cabbage, lettuce and asparagus
– 10 points of sale
– 5 places of purchase: ore , water, limestone, farm storage and dressing
– 27 production sites: mashed potatoes, carrot juice, flour, bread, beer, diesel fuel, fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, tomatoes, gold ore, gold, hay, lime, ketchup, cake, salad cabbage, food, pellets, herbicide, seed, feed for pigs, milk, silage, cigarettes, sugar
– SeasonsMod ready
– Railway network: 4 oezda 2 ways, a lot of shopping places and industrial sites, an additional 4 trains.
– Reasonable starting setting relative to the fields, vehicles and farm storage, starting with the \”New Farmer\”

Authors: mapper: onkelyogi
Beta-Team english version: Nick The Hick, Papa Smurf, Dixie, Michael B., John, Morpheus, Dean, Dragon, Jason  
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