FS19 – Zetor 77 Series Pack – Oprava V2.0

FS19 - Zetor 77 Series Pack - Oprava V2.0
I bring you a corrected version of the Zetor 77 series pack. Fashion authors: Agrofarma Klasok, tom225225, JZD STRAZNICE, Thenevsova36, Banana Joe modding

What’s new: fixed narrow wheels (do not destroy the ground), new start and idle sound and added Simple IC script mode to Zetory (Simple IC mode must be in modes). If someone doesn’t like Simple IC, you can make animations using my Zetor UR1 pack conversion, where the animations are done by moving the mouse. The left and right doors and the sunroof are also animated. I also wanted to animate other parts of the tractor, but some components were connected together and I can’t separate that. To fix those wheels, just open the xml file of each wheel and edit it in the line isCareWheel = “false” or isCareWheel = “true”. When false the wheels destroy the soil and when it is true they do not destroy again. All you had to do was do this.

I found the perfect Fortschritt E512 with animations on the Internet, so you can look forward to it. All I have to do is make some flaws in it and fine-tune the mistakes.

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