FS19 – Zetor Crystal Pack V2

FS19 - Zetor Crystal Pack V2

Thanks to the 10 years old Farming Simulator series and after recently releasing my Belarus-MTZ pack, now also here is the Zetor Crystal pack.
It is a much smaller sized pack but in my opinion after that many MTZ 17 pieces of Crystals will be more than enough. To avoid misunderstandings, the base is given by the Zetor Crystal from the Gold DLC of the Farming Simulator 15.
For which there were made more variants in Farming Simulator 15 or 17.
The Zetor Crystal pack made by me was born by collecting these variants and using my ideas together.
Of course the previous creators are credited, standalone sounds, animations, appearance options, clear log, everything you can expect from a Farming Simulator 19 mod.
I hope you will find joy in it and with this I will finish the modding, editing and publishing of the tractors in Farming Simulator 19. There are the Rába Steiger pack, the Belarus-MTZ pack and now the Zetor pack.
Later implements and tools, trailers will be coming from Farming Simulator 17.
Have a good game and please keep the ORIGINAL download link. Even if all those link stealer websites upload for themselves in thousands names and editions.
Thank you for your attention!

Pack content comprises 17 tractor.
Types of these:

Zetor Crystal 120.45
Zetor Crystal 121.45
Zetor Crystal 160.45
Zetor Crystal 161.45

Authors: GIANTS Software,CatFan18 Mods,kolchozník jr,Milde,UNorby,Banana Joe Modding,ZetorTwente,Fidžo,CzarnelJukka,Slava_102Rus,dawman1,FsBalintHUN,Patyesz modding..  
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