FS19 – Zetor Ur1 Pack Prevod V1.0

FS19 - Zetor Ur1 Pack Prevod V1.0
I bring you my ZETOR UR1 pack mode transfer

The pack contains all tractors and even weights. The only thing I know doesn’t work is that the Zetora 4016 doesn’t have belts and the Zetora 7245 HS doesn’t have front hydraulics (lifting animation), if anyone minds, put the weights there for mountaineers (weights are in the weights shop). I wrote to kottn, so I’ll see and if I succeed, see the patch version. If you find any bugs, please let me know below in the comments or what I should change there so that I can fine-tune it. You will definitely see some modifications of tractors and machines from me, such as Zetor 77 series (fixed narrow wheels and new sounds). I also make my own sounds so be surprised.

I worked on the transfer for approx. two months. I decided to release it because I know that many people have a problem with this transfer. I hope I made someone happy with these tractors. Enjoy the summer holidays and wish you a nice rest of the day.

Authors:  thenevsova36 
File :50.8 MB / ZIP 
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