FS19 – Zetor Xx11 Pack V1.0

FS19 - Zetor Xx11 Pack V1.0
Hello, today I come with a message – good for some and bad for others. Zetor was distributed, sent out after discords, sold for PLN 20 Pay Safe Card. I wouldn’t be doing anything about it if it wasn’t for the last thing (selling for money). One of the trusted people (a group of people got a Zetor for tests) decided to trade it or give it away. So I give you this Zetor, enjoy. If the situation repeats, my edits will be 100% private and even the most trusted people will not get anything for testing. Info – Zetor is not finished and I’m not going to finish it. I do not greet people who are trying to tease someone by force.

Authors: Rolnik410 farmerls Karas  
File :59.9 MB / ZIP 
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